What you will learn with Automotive Wholesale Simplified

  • The Cost of The Way You Wholesale Today

    This part of the book, is a hard look from a fresh perspective and maybe at times troubling or uncomfortable. It may expose for you items you have not considered for a while.

  • The Profitable Way to Wholesale Cars

    Here you will learn details about dealer bid sales that have come from over four years of research and over 100 dealer visits and well over 500 online meetings.

  • How to Hold Your Own Auction

    In this section we are going to take a deep dive into topics from getting your teams to buy-in all the way through delivering the cars and the collecting of payments.

  • Enhance your Existing Bid Sale

    We focus only on ways to grow your existing bid sale, using a series of “What If” questions, based on a video we created on YouTube several months ago.

  • An Argurment for a Focus on Wholesale

    Maximizing wholesale profit has been a struggle or even a nonstarter for franchise dealers since the pressure to increase new car volume at the expense of trade values is higher than ever before. But even as that pressure builds, the manufacturer-controlled programs drive our competition to lower prices, and it has become more difficult to profit on new cars.

    In the used car department, dealers are getting smarter, are using tools to price to market, price to environment and price to season. While each price race can increase sales, the unintended consequence can be a reduction in used car profits. Sometimes called profit compression.

    As the Automotive Seasonally Adjusted Annual Rate (SAAR) increases, dealers struggle to maintain their share of their local automotive markets.

    Bottom line: Margins are compressing, so a focus on wholesale profit makes sense.

This is a must read for franchise dealers who want to profit from wholesale.
John Doe
Beth Hollis
Sales Director
LWe evolved from hand written bid sheets to a very robust online bid sale following the Wholesale Simplified Method
Jane Doe
Pete Larson
General Manager
It's like crowdsourcing for wholesale auctions
Jimmy Doe
Jeff Rubin

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Author Kevin Leigh

A word from the Author

Thank you for choosing Automotive Wholesale Simplified. This book debunks topics that have become taboo in the automotive industry and may, at times, make you uncomfortable as you shift your wholesale paradigms.

It is part of an extensive wholesale marketing platform used by dealers to process, market, sell and deliver wholesale cars to independent dealers, shippers, power wholesalers, salvage yards and overseas buyers.

Our intent is to help you improve your wholesale operation, increase your wholesale profit and reduce your dependency on third parties. You will learn the do’s and don’ts of building a bid sale auction without the need for auctioneers or large buildings and how to create a vibrant online wholesale marketplace for your dealership.

You will learn how to save thousands of dollars per month in seller fees, increase your wholesale profitability, grow retail market share and, above all improve your quality of life.

We originally wrote this book as a launch tool of sorts, for dealers using our software, but over time it evolved into a full-blown dealer auction and wholesale merchandising manual. You may not agree with everything we say, but understand our intention is to help you and your company earn higher wholesale profits. We recommend you read the entire book before passing judgement. As with most great innovations this is not a new idea, just a reimplementation of an existing process.

To write this book, my partners and I studied hundreds of dealers who have cut their dependence on off-site auctions. Each contributed to this body of work in their own way, and for that we are grateful. As with most great processes, it evolved from years of practice and tweaking.

This is version 2018, and we will do our best to continue to update the book as the dealer held auction industry grows and evolves. We welcome your feedback even if you strongly disagree. The way we learn is by passionate debate; feel free to be as passionate about your business ideas as we are about ours.

Our email is, info@wholesalesimplified.com.

So, feel free to comment, rant, suggest, advise or criticize to your heart's content.

Kevin Leigh

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